The company Aktru was founded in 2005 on March 25th. Our main activity is advertising of Polish companies and firms on the Internet in Eastern Cyrillic. Europe, where there is very little information about Poland and the activities of Polish companies. So, at the moment we are cooperating with more than 2000 clients from Poland, whose activities we successfully show on the Internet in Eastern Europe.

Our team consists of professionals specializing in marketing, online presentations, website development, translation into English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish and Polish. Many of our team speak Russian and Ukrainian as their native language.

Meet the expectations of the Eastern market - entrepreneurs, manufacturers, dealers and importers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other CIS countries. We have created convenient information catalogs in which we have published and continue to publish information about Polish companies, farms, offices and tourist places. This is how we try to convey information to potential partners, our customers.

In one of our three catalogs (Polturizm/Polagro/Polfirms) you can place information about your company, firm, office, tourist site in Russian, Ukrainian and other foreign languages in an interesting graph-text form. . Our online presentations are hosted on Russian, Ukrainian and European subdomains, which makes them even more effective. In addition to textual material, we also provide the ability to place graphic material (photos, videos, animations, etc.) on presentations for our clients. As a result, you get a full-fledged, dynamic and interactive mini-page! Which will not only please the eye, but also surprise with its effects and positions in search engines!

We also offer online advertising of Polish companies on the Internet of Western Europe! Our Western European online advertising offer includes translation of the presentation into German and English or other European languages. If you are interested in our offer, you can find more detailed information on our official

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