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Welcome to our business information portal. We invite you to use the collected data about entrepreneurs and companies in Poland. Our portal makes it possible to find interesting economic proposals and is designed to promote cooperation in the field of trade. The main sections of our online deliveries are: Home and Garden, Office, Consumer Goods, Food, Industry, Construction, Repair, Machinery and Equipment, Automotive, Transport, Medicine, Trade, Services, Exclusive Goods, Tourism and Agriculture. The information we provide is commercial in nature and intended for business purposes.

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Our consultants will answer every question and offer the best solution for your needs. Our presentations promoting Polish companies are mainly aimed at entrepreneurs from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, as well as EU countries: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Great Britain , Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and other demanded countries. The growth of Polish goods and products is growing every year. By promoting Polish companies in Russia, we strive to create conditions for the export of Polish goods to the CIS countries.

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