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The main sections of our online presentations include categories such as: Home and Garden, Office, Daily Use Items, Food, Industry, Construction, Repair, Machinery and Equipment, Automotive, Transport, Medicine, Trade, Services , Exclusive goods, tourism and agriculture.

The information we provide is commercial in nature and is intended for businesses and businesses. The recipients of our messages Advertising Polish companies are mainly businessmen from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, as well as EU countries: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and other countries where the demand for Polish goods and products is growing every year . By promoting Polish companies in Russia, we strive to create conditions for the export of Polish goods to the CIS countries.

Our offer is the only one that guarantees high positions in search engines due to their optimization (keyword selection and hierarchy).

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All of our work is done as independent websites, which means you are an independent website that is easily accessible and can be found in search engines by entering properly chosen keywords.

Presentations are fully indexed by search engines and take a leading position for correctly used keywords (selection of keywords in agreement with the client).

During cooperation, we provide free project updates. We want the offer for potential recipients from Eastern or Western Europe to be constantly developed and improved.

Information about the incoming delivery is included in the most popular catalogs of the portal or other exchange web pages as a link. Link exchange is carried out only with portals that have a very high Titz and PageRank, which guarantees a higher submission position in search engines.

We have created Google Portal accounts for you, where you can fully track the movement of landing page visits within Google Analytics. As a result, our clients can independently check the daily statistics of their site.

For dynamic graphics such as movies, presentations are linked to youtube.com accounts, freeing the site from heavy graphics. The use of these materials will positively affect the attractiveness of your offer. Translations of texts and descriptions of meta tags are carried out by specialized employees from Russia, Ukraine and Poland, which is a guarantee of the correctness of translations, the correct syntax of sentences, etc. You can link information in presentations to your websites. Thousands of entrepreneurs have already trusted us, trust us too! Join our client group and take a step forward in your company, develop it and expand your contact list to new national and international levels! How to start cooperation with us? It's simple. Visit aktru.pl - online delivery and contact us. Our consultants will answer any question and offer the best solution to the needs associated with cooperation with our company. Examples of completed online presentation projects: www.abakus.polfirms.ru www.artshobby.polfirms.ru www.bosma.polfirms.ru www.elint.polfirms.ru www.kompensatory.polfirms.ru www.protect-vehicle.polfirms.ru www.risca.polfirms.ru www.unidelta.polfirms.ru www.zalchem.polfirms.ru.

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Robert Andrzej Burzynski
Robert Andrzej Burzynski